Community Development

Stet International created to support and revitalize communities, especially those that are impoverished or struggling. Stetinternational often deal with the development of affordable housing. They can also be involved in a wide range of community services that meet local needs such as education, job training, healthcare, commercial development, and other social programs.:

Key Area of Specialties in Community Development includes:

  • Community strategic planning
  • SME development and Microfinance
  • Infrastructure planning and development
  • Developing local institutions for entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship and skills development programs
  • Project management, monitoring and evaluation services
  • Specialized studies in Community Development

Aspects Of Community Development

Community Organizations

Community organizations help to stabilize, preserve, and revitalize urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Both permanent and temporary neighborhood groups form and fall apart frequently.


Planning as a community really is not such a terrible thing. Please consider why communities might want to have a written plan for the future, regardless of whether that plan is lengthy and scholarly, or more informal.


Housing quality is what makes a community considered attractive or a place to be avoided. At least locally, it creates your neighborhood brand. In turn your neighborhood image enhances or detracts from property values and your capability of attracting business and culture.


Redevelopment occurs when real estate in your neighborhood or city is enhanced through new construction on previously occupied land or through substantial renovation of existing structures.

Deed Restrictions

Deed restrictions impose rules that a property owner or developer may want to place on how future owners may use the land or buildings.The owner feels so strongly about a matter that a deed conveying title to the real estate actually spells out what those limitations or requirements are.


Refers to a complex municipal law about what can be placed where in towns and cities. These laws often specify how far buildings must be set back from property lines and roads, what kinds of signs are allowed, and how much parking is required.

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