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Enterprise Development

Stet International promotes enterprise development as a practical and effective way of creating more and better jobs. Stet International has adopted a two-pronged strategy to build an enabling policy and regulatory environment for sustainable enterprises as well as support in the form of business services .

The Stet International approach to enterprise development begins with the recognition that, regardless of their size and of their ownership nature, sustainable enterprises are the result of combined efforts of business, government and workers, as well as of a commitment to social dialogue, social inclusion and compliance with international labour standards.

STET – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Key Areas of Specialties in Enterprise Development Include

  • Preparation of MEMARTS and Constitutions
  • Facilitation of business registrations (Processing of Licences and Business Certifications)
  • Entrepreneurial training, loan/capital management and Financial Management
  • Planning and Techno-Economic Studies
  • Feasibility studies for commercial & social projects
  • Business plan and proposals write-ups
  • Techno-Economic/Financial Analysis
  • Market studies/research and Baseline studies
  • Business evaluation and advisory services
  • Transport project appraisal and evaluation
  • Cost evaluation and pricing of transport services
  • Traffic and Transportation Studies
  • Repairs and Rehabilitation Studies
  • Architectural Planning, Urban Design and Master Planning
  • Environmental and Social Impact Studies
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